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Someone to Watch Over Me: Part Three

Mac O'Roni

     Logan returned five minutes later with a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a tray. He had debated adding something more substantial to the menu but rejected the idea, thinking Gambit’s stomach was likely to balk at anything heavier than liquid and mushy noodles. To his surprise, the Cajun was still awake, propped against the headboard and blinking drowsily.
     “I made it,” he said. “Wadn’t easy.”
     Logan suspected it hadn’t been easy. If anything, Gambit looked even worse now than before. It was hard to believe this sallow-skinned being was once a powerful, physically acute individual. Wolverine fully intended to get him back in prime condition, even if he had to spoon-feed him every step of the way.
     It wasn’t necessary, however. Gambit may have been starving to death in a world full of food but it hadn’t been by choice; he dove into the soup without a moment’s hesitation. Logan was grateful—he’d truly believed that the Cajun’s anorexia had been a psychological reaction to his guilt and that it would be a tremendous battle to get him to eat. Of course, he was still planning on watching to make sure the kid didn’t throw it all up later on.
     He had to wake him up three times before the bowl was empty, but they got through it. There was a rough moment when Logan thought that Gambit was really going to lose it—his ill-treated stomach didn’t accept the sudden influx of food very willingly—but the kid held it back until the feeling passed, then sagged back against the pillows and closed his eyes.
     Logan decided to let him sleep. He’d earned it, and hopefully having a little food in him would make him feel a little better when he woke up. Still, he was going to be keeping extremely close tabs on the kid from now on.

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