This is an original work of fiction written under the pseudonym Mac O'Roni. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or archive without the author's express permission.

Everything You Know is Wrong

Mac O'Roni

     She was just walking down the street, minding her own business, when the creature appeared before her, beckoning.
     "Come with me,” it said, its voice a harsh, liquid growl. “Come with me now. You are in danger.”
     The beast was human in shape, but the resemblance ended there. Its naked body was a dull crimson, its legs were covered with coarse brown fur, its feet were cloven hooves. Two short, curved horns protruded bullishly from its forehead. She screamed.
     The creature stomped a hoof and beckoned again. “Everything you know is wrong,” it growled. “Come, quickly.”
     “Come to me, dear,” another voice said behind her. She turned and saw the most beautiful man in Creation. Huge white wings sprouted from broad, golden shoulders. His blue eyes were kind. “Come to me,” he said, “and I will take you away from here.”
     She ran to him. The devilish beast leaped for her a second too late. She was scooped into strong arms and borne aloft on angelic wings. Below, the beast roared and stomped its hooves in impotent fury.
     Soon they were flying high in the clouds. Below them she could see an aerie of sorts, a nest of cumulus in which four tiny winged infants mewled and crawled, looking skyward and smiling like cherubs.
     "They're beautiful," she sighed.
     They’re hungry,” the man said, and dropped her.

     The angel shook his head in sadness. He saw it too often. People were too hung up on appearances, wanting too much to believe that beauty was truth.
     Wearily he descended into Heaven.